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April 14, 2014

Craftseller magazineEverything starts out from scratch, and so did my business. I didn’t have a plan or a pattern, I just let myself follow the path and it worked out wonderfully in the end! Beading was always something that relaxed me. Of course sometimes when you come back from work, after a stressful day, it is nicer to just jump in your onesie and have a cup of hot chocolate and some cupcakes, along with a foot rub too maybe! But that doesn’t happen very often :) So I started beading instead.

It was a roller coaster at first. Which are the best platforms to sell on? What kind of photos should I take? How big do they have to be? What is the best description you can give to your item, so it makes it more wanted than the other ones? But in the end, baby steps brought me here where I am today. And I am happy I had helpful friends and customers along the way :)

When I started this small business I didn’t think much about publicity. The most important thing was to be out there. To sell my work on the most visited websites, to make lovely and lasting pieces of jewellery and of course to have some fun! I never thought where the buyers would come from. They can come from the website you’re selling on, from Google – as long as you’re using SEO right, some come from social media. Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest help quite a lot. But this year I walked the line and took it a step forward!

Craftseller magazine made enough room for me to be on a whole page! When I thought about having my own website, I thought about sharing tips and simply writing about what I do and what I like, about beading. But Craftseller gave me the opportunity of writing about how it all started and sharing my tips and tricks with all the people that read the magazine.

I’ve found a friendly community of crafters since I set up shop and throughout the social media maze and I am happy that I made my first appearance in the no. 1 craft magazine in the UK.

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