Jewellery for men

February 28, 2014

IMG_0034We all think that it is normal when women wear jewellery, but what is wrong when men do it?

Jewellery has long been used to denote status. In ancient Rome, for instance, only certain ranks could wear rings and later consumption laws dictated who could wear what type of jewellery, again based on rank.

Necklaces have been an integral part of jewellery since the time of ancient civilizations and pre-date the invention of writing. Necklaces are believed to be as old as 40,000 years, during the Stone Age. The oldest necklaces were made of purely natural materials – before weaving and the invention of string, durable vines or pieces of animal tendon left over from hunts were tied together and adorned with shells, bones or teeth or colourful skins of human prey animals, bird feathers, corals, carved pieces of wood, colourful seeds or stones or naturally occurring gems, or other beautiful or artful natural elements found nearby.

Not long ago it would have been OK to see a man wear some type of leather twisted chain or a leather cuff bracelet. We see men taking this a step further on the street every day: men wear beaded bracelets and necklaces! And they wear them with pride.

In the African Maasai tribe the women regularly weave and bead jewellery. For both Maasai women and men beauty is a very important aspect of culture and the beads are used as a form of adornment throughout everyday life, ceremonies, and rites of passage and is often given to visitors as a sign of gratitude and respect.

If you would like to help you man connect with his ancestors, then you should definitely give him a boost of confidence with this Jasper Zebra necklace. It is a necklace made especially for men and it’s sure to bring attention to his manly side. Zebra Jasper is a form of jasper with dark and white stripes, like a zebra. It is a striking gemstone that is believed to motivate and energize you to overcome apathy and transform your ideas into action. Zebra Jasper is also said to give you the courage to get to grips with your problems and to give you the determination to see projects through to completion.

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