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May 7, 2014

After we all enjoyed a few bank holidays, I know what we are all thinking of! Summer, white sandy beaches and of course the perfect tan! I am hoping to get a bit of both this year, but until that moment comes I prepared 2 summer outfits.

I used a very popular bracelet – a stacked three layer bracelet made of multicolour mother of pearl chips on memory wire. The colours range from yellow to hot pink and dark blue making it easy to match and giving it a nice young feeling.

The first outfit is perfect for a sunny day on the beach. Wear this gorgeous dress and enjoy the sun! Grab the mother of pearl bracelet and your sun lotion and you are ready to go!

Summer beach outfit

The second outfit is perfect for dinner, just after you’ve let yourself enjoy the sun all day on the beach. Again, le pièce de résistance is the beautiful and multicoloured mother of pearl bracelet. Wear it with a a bold pair of blue shoes and a summer-like yellow bag to be the attraction of the night!

Summer evening outfit

Some past cultures regarded colourful mother of pearl as a desirable component for jewellery and other objects. Jewellery made from mother of pearl falls in the group referred to as organic jewellery — jewellery that originates from a living creature, plant or organism.



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