Classy for Spring

March 6, 2014

I love jade! It’s one of my favourite gemstones and the mountain jade comes in so many colours that isn’t so hard to pick one! It is actually a dolomite marble commonly referred to as “mountain jade“, a lovely gemstone with a subtle internal shimmer that naturally occurs in pink, white or gray but is commonly enhanced to reflect every colour of the rainbow. Mountain jade lore suggests the gem alleviates sorrow and encourages original ideas. I think all gemstones are versatile and certainly the jade gemstone is one of them.

We all love colours – green, yellow, red, purple – living in such a gray environment and seeing the sun only every now and then it is very important to mix and match the colours in our outfits.

I started playing with Polyvore not so long ago. It’s a lot of fun to pick a piece of jewellery and build an outfit around it.

Today I chose to build an outfit around a lavender jade bracelet. I found it to be very feminine, with small lavender printed flowers on porcelain beads. Porcelain also gives it a superior feeling, we all know how nicely presented porcelain is and that is well known to be expensive. A sign of royalty.

Dress to ImpressPurple Rain

We’ve all had that very stressful day! It might be an interview or meeting someone for the first time, maybe a blind date even. I like to dare to wear bold colours on a day like this. These say a lot about me and I know I can always trust my instincts. So for this outfit I chose a purple dress, an orange top and pink pair of high-heels shoes. Purrfect I tell you! For the second outfit, on a rainy/snowy day when we don’t have a lot of time on our hands and also a lot of walking to do – a feminine lace top, a pair of jeans, high Converse shoes and an orange scarf!  La pièce de résistance – the jade mountain bracelet! It gives each outfit a subtle note of elegance and it’s the piece that will attract all the attention!



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