Ancient Gemstones – Agate

March 18, 2014

Orange Tone Agate Bracelet Product ImageGemstones are pieces of mineral which are cut and polished in forms to be used in different jewelley pieces or similar.

The traditional classification in the West, which goes back to the Ancient Greeks, begins with a distinction between precious and semi-precious; similar distinctions are made in other cultures. In modern usage the precious stones are diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald, with all other gemstones being semi-precious.

Agate is a quartz variety and it’s one of the oldest stones in recorded history. It’s colours range from white to grey, orange to red, light blue to¬† purple and brown to black. It was one of the most commonly used gemstones in ancient times and it’s wide spreed around the world. The stone was named by the Greek philosopher Theophrastus, who found it on the shore line of the river Achates between the 4th and 3rd centuries BC. Agate was used as a gemstone by the Egyptians at least 3,000 years ago. Agate was highly valued by ancient civilizations, as it was believed to render the wearer invisible. In Islam culture, Agate is believed to protect the wearer from tragedies or evil. The ancient Egyptians believed that agates protected the wearer from lightning, bestowed the power of speech, and quenched thirst if you put it in your mouth. Persian magicians used agate to divert storms. The ancient Chinese believed that wearing agate jewellery would purify one’s mind, energize one’s chi and bring good luck and great opportunity.

Today agate continues to be mined in Brazil, but also in Uruguay, India, Australia, China, Italy, Madagascar, Mexico, Scotland, Mongolia and Namibia.

Of course we have all fallen in love with this gemstone, at least once! I know I did when I got to work with blue lace agate and then again when I worked with mixed colour agates ranging from pale yellow to dark red and even black! They are very elegant to wear and the necklace I made out of them is simply gorgeous! A perfect statement piece of jewellery that will transform you into the star of the night!

Agates are also said to attract strength and protect from stress and energy drains. Carry an agate when you have to make an important decision. Agate is the birthstone for the zodiac sign Libra.


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